How not to fail with Open Source



Creating a open source project is not easy. Which license you have to choose and many other questions come up, if you are creating a open source project or library.


Creating a open source project is not easy. Which license to choose? Hosting on GitHub or anywhere else? How do I accept contributions? Do I need to have a contributors license agreement? Do I need a Code of Conduct in my project? How I handle and disclose security bugs? How can I politely reject contributions I don’t want? How I can attract more contributors? Should I register my name as trademark?

Whether you only create a library which helps others to do a special thing or you are a startup which has a invented something and want to open source it, there are many things to consider. In this talk I give you an insight to all edge cases you have to consider before and after open sourcing your project, how to handle contributions and all the business a open source project brings with it.


Open Source, license, CLA, pull requests, github, trademark, contributing

Speaking experience

I've already spoken at user groups and meetups, the talk itself will be held on the next webdev barcamp in april if the audience want it. All my current slides are on Lanyrd:


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    Patrik Karisch is a PHP backend developer specialized in Symfony at web agency pixelart in Salzburg and open source enthusiast working with PHP since 13 years and Symfony since 7 years for now. Maintainer of Bartacus, a Symfony integration into TYPO3, co-maintainer of the PHP-FFmpeg library, and contributor to many other projects. If he’s not coding he cooks absolutely delicious food.

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