Building Your World in WebVR

Short Form


We will explore how we can utilize webvr to build amazing VR experience right into everyone's pocket, using their mobile phones they use right now. No need for expensive or closed source tools or solutions. Utilize the mobile phone with cardboard and uisng just javascript and html to build VR world. How using api's of webvr and Aframe we game developers and UI builders can build awesome experience.


Everybody now is hearing about Virtual Reality. Everybody is excited about it. But the barrier of entry is way too high. Be that buying a expensive Oculus VR headset or a high end laptop which can actually run it (even the highest end macbooks can’t today). To learning programming and using different sdk’s to build it. even then you are bound by only that platform.

In this talk we will explore the ways to get past all these. Using mobile as our VR headsets and WebVR as the medium through which to deliver the experience. And programming language and sdk? Html and javascript. So cardboard+webvr brings virtual reality to everyone. And using aframe how to even make it simpler to start building virtual reality apps right now!


VR, WebVR, MozVR, Virtual Reality

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