Made in the Machine: New Cultural Practices, Critical Analyses, and Techniques in Digital Fabrication, Making, and Manufacturing

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I first knowingly witnessed the "Maker Movement" in 2010, heeded its siren call by joining the MIT Media Lab in 2011, and became disillusioned later that year. But I've been stubbornly making--and critiquing the notions of Making--ever since.


Recent innovations in digital fabrication have made its technologies much more cheap, sophisticated, and accessible for people of many ages and experiences. In this session, we will explore some of these innovations, the techniques and affordances that they enable, and the future directions that they imply. We will also examine and critique modes of machine production in a socio-historical setting by looking at how the notion of the “maker movement” is the latest incarnation of an industrial system that unevenly impacts women, people of color, and other minorities.

This session recaps findings and lessons learned from the class of the same name, taught this past spring at NYU School of Engineering. Findings involved case studies, critical readings, guest speakers, factory and studio visits, and discussion of fabrication methodologies.

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fabrication, maker, making, makerspace, craft, minorities

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