Becoming a Web Developer

Long Form


The web is ubiquitous, having beaten out a litany of competing technologies, and many “native applications” rely on web-based back-ends. From desktop to mobile, to watches, virtual reality headsets, and cars -- the web is a core set of technologies with vast reach. This makes familiarity with web technology a valuable asset for many, many people.

Whether you’re a software engineer, marketer, project manager, junior web developer, or student -- you will leave this session with the forest, the trees, and a compass for navigating all of it.


We’ll walk through a lot with brief Q&A along the way:

Web Technology
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- “Stacks”
- Servers
Web Thinking
- Standards
- Open Source
- Feeds, API’s, and Mashups
- The Uncertain Web
Tools and Process
- Editors
- Version Control
- Compilers and the Build Process
- Project Management
- Distributed Development (Remote Working)
The Web in Practice
- I <3 LAMP
- Frameworks and CMS
- Progressive Enhancement
- Accessibility
- Security
- SEO and Sharability
- Intellectual Property
- JavaScript
- Python
- Ruby
- Perl
- Functional
- Rise of the Expert Beginner
- JavaScript Required
- Photoshop First
- Bloat
- Documentation and Tests
- Little Bobby Tables (Input Sanitization)
- The Law of Leaky Abstractions
What Next
- Follow the Web’s Best
- Join the Community
- Give Back
- Get to Work
- Never Stop Learning

Speaking experience

I've given lots of 30-40 minute talks, but only twice have I given a tutorial... and it happens to be this tutorial :-) I presented at a local meetup then at SCALE 14x.


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