Lossless Emoji - Doing Emoji Right

Short Form


Learn how difficult it can be to do emoji right and what you can do to preserve the message and emotions of your users. If you take user input, you owe it to the internet to attend this talk.


Have you ever used an application or website only to have it turn your skin-toned :Happy Person Raising One Hand: into not-skin-toned :Happy Person Raising One Hand:? Even worse, have your :Hundred Points Symbol: been turned into □? Emoji is hard, as I discovered building Magic Vibes…an emoji-friendly social application.

We’re going to learn what emoji are, how and why they’re easily done wrong, and explore what we can do to ensure our applications preserve our users’ message and emotions across all layers of our stack, resulting in more :Money Bag: and less :Pile of Poo:.

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Speaking experience

I gave my Fear Driven Development talk at Open Source Bridge 2015 (http://opensourcebridge.org/sessions/1520), which is my favorite talk I've ever given.

I've given a number of talks on Dropwizard, Yammer's open source framework for building and operating RESTful services in Java:

* Seattle Java User's Group - https://vimeo.com/49822005
* QCon SF 2012 - http://www.infoq.com/presentations/Dropwizard
* Dropwizard SF Meetup - https://vimeo.com/97175334

I've also given a couple of talks on Yammer's use of Berkeley DB Java Edition:

* Basho Chats April 2012 - http://basho.com/berkeley-db-at-yammer/
* Surge Conf September 2012 - http://surge.omniti.com/2012/speakers/kennedy_ryan

And I have co-presented two talks:

* Basho Chats March 2011 w/Coda Hale - http://basho.com/riak-and-scala-at-yammer/
* Papers We Love SF #1 May 2014 w/Anjali Shenoy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya9X63VPgV8


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