Take the plunge: Start using Linux as your primary OS (alternate)



Have you been thinking of trying Linux as a primary OS? Have you installed Ubuntu once or twice but felt that it was a bit too awkward to use? This presentation will help you get past the tough parts and will show you where you can find quick answers in the future.


Linux is an OS with a culture and methodology all its own. This can be a bit awkward for people to become comfortable with if they are coming from a lifetime of Microsoft and Apple computers. It is especially difficult to learn if you don’t have someone to show you the basics. This presentation will do just that.

We’ll go over the Linux culture and how you can find and communicate with other Linux people when you have questions down the road, we will quickly cover how to set up a Linux machine, we will talk about a few must have Linux apps, and show people how to use package managers and the command line.

At the end of the presentation those watching should feel that trying Linux as a primary OS is doable.

  • note, this is an alternative non-hands-on, short form presentation version of the long form presentation of the same name I have already submitted. This shorter talk may be more appropriate for a conference than the full Ubuntu group install I proposed before.

Speaking experience


  • Chris Pitzer

    Lo-Fi Art


    Chris is a web application developer at Lo-Fi Art, where he uses Python and Django.

    He is an active member in the Portland tech community. He attends and occasionally speaks at PDXPython, and has helped organize several events with Legion of Tech.