In the Trenches of Open Source Culture: The Node.js Inclusivity Working Group

Short Form


The goal of this working group strikes deep at the heart of problems in open source software. We hear the stories of contentious and dramatic flare-ups, but not the day to day work people do to make things better. Come learn what it's like and what it takes to make a difference in OSS culture.


Node.js is a highly successful project with one of the better cultures in open source. It still has many areas that need improvement though, as evident by the lack of diversity in the collaborator base.

The Node.js Inclusivity Working Group’s goal is to address the culture issues in the project, and improve diversity of collaborators. In our short existence, we have learned a lot about working in a project with differing views on culture.

Hear the story of how and why the group formed, challenges we’ve faced along the way, and strategies we’ve discovered for effecting change in large projects.


nodejs, inclusivity, diversity, harassment

Speaking experience

I have been speaking at conferences for about two years now. Here are a few select talks I've given:

Robots Conf 2014: "Electronic Fundamentals Survey":

JS.LA June 2015: "Successfully Hacking in Your Spare Time":

JSConf EU 2015: "The Risks and Rewards of Getting Involved, and How to Do It":

I have not given this talk before.


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