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Have you ever noticed that many situations could it be expressed with a graph? Graphs are not only a boring subject into College, they can be really useful in many situations. This talk will show you some graph modelling with a nice graph database written mostly in Java: Neo4j.
Through examples, we will see a little bit about graph theory, a quick introduction to Neo4j architecture, a handful tool called Cypher, non-trivial modelling and use cases.


This talk will bring up the following topics:
- Graphs – they are in several places
- Neo4j basic architecture and components
- Graphs modelling hydropower plants
- Graphs modelling PCBs
- Lessons learned
- Some epic fails


neo4j, nosql, Databases

Speaking experience

I usually speak at meetups and some conferences around the globe. I have previously spoken ate Open Source Bridge. Some of my presentations are here https://slides.com/hannelitavante-hannelita , or here http://www.slideshare.net/hannelita ; some videos are here http://www.infoq.com/br/author/Hanneli-Tavante


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    Hanneli (@hannelita) is a developer addicted to code, learn new programming languages, blow capacitors, do some C programming and commit useful (or not) code for random Open Source Projects that she finds at Github. She likes Math, Lego, dogs, hardware and Coffee.


      • Title: Type Theory 101
      • Track: Theory
      • Room: B202/203
      • Time: 4:455:30pm
      • Excerpt:

        Have you heard about type theory and always wanted to understand the principles behind it, but always thought it was too complicated since it has a lot of Lambda Calculus and algebras? This talk will approach these concepts in a friendly way.

      • Speakers: Hanneli Tavante
      • Title: Cassandra - an introduction
      • Track: Practice
      • Room: B304
      • Time: 1:302:15pm
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        Built mostly in Java, Cassandra is a powerful open source NoSQL database, based on the model of a partitioned row store. This talk will provide general use cases for Cassandra, explain Cassandra’s architecture and its benefits, feature tools for accessing and administering Cassandra, and demonstrate how to integrate Cassandra with existing Java applications.

      • Speakers: Hanneli Tavante

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