Introduction to parallel programming and design patterns

Long Form


This talk is an introduction to parallel programming and design patterns. It will go over different styles of parallelism and parallel primitives. This is a language agnostic talk with the goal of getting listeners comfortable.


This talk will focus on the high level theory of parallel programming and design patterns. It will cover the following topics:
-Looking at the speedup attainable going from single process to parallel processing.
-Primitives in parallel programming: locks and atomics.
-Fine and coarse grain locking and covering shared memory and distributed memory
-Lockless programming and the producer consumer model. Different types of parallelism task parallelism and data parallelism.
-Communication, synchronization and embarrassingly parallel tasks.

The goal of this talk is to allow anyone, from veteran programmers to novices unfamiliar with parallel programming, to walk away with enough knowledge to feel comfortable exploring and writing parallel programs.


Parallel programming, design patterns, intro

Speaking experience

None lol I have done public speaking in school but not lecturing.


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