Diving into distributed microservices architecture with Kubernetes on AWS and GCE

Short Form


When designing a reliable solution with lots of moving parts, it's important to look not just into code but in-between code - more at the integration parts of the overall system.

In this intense talk you will learn about the variety of real-world important aspects to take into account architecting a flexible microservices based solution.

Some of the valuable aspects are environment choices, infrastructure planning, preparation and automation, separation of solution parts into independently deployable services, service discovery, replication, resiliency and many more.

You will explore into the practical architecture of Kubernetes, see how to create and configure Kubernetes cluster on AWS and GCE, create and prepare containerized services to be deployed into the cluster.


Talk plan is as follows (+/-):

1. Overview of flexible architecture and microservices

2. Aspects of reliable distributed architecture

3. Kubernetes architecture walk through

4. Demo consisting of Kubernetes cluster creation, deployment of some services to it and exposing it to see how it works!


architecture, microservices, kubernetes, cassandra, devops, fsharp

Speaking experience

This is a brand new talk and I am very excited to share it with OSBridge audience if I am chosen.


  • Alena dzenisenka7


    Experienced Solutions Architect proficient in distributed cloud programming, high load and performance, big data analysis, data science, functional programming and machine learning.

    International conference speaker and active software engineering community member.

    Member of F# Software Foundation Board of Trustees.

    MS in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

    Computer science book reviewer.

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