Dating advice for access control systems

Short Form


The right model for access controls will convert unruly actors into well behaved users. When you consider access controls as relationships between players, you discover a deeper narrative in your data.


Designing a proper access control system can be a daunting task. There’s a simple, expandable model that eases the understanding of even the most complex access control scenarios. With the right model in place, more interesting questions can be asked of the actors. With the right questions, interesting relationships between players begin to emerge. Suddenly you’re managing relationships instead of permissions.

In this talk we’ll cover a simple, 4 field model that is expandable and includes an inheritance structure. After we’ve covered the model, we’ll begin to traverse it as a mechanism for granting or denying permissions within a system. With permissions defined, we’ll explore questions that invert the model to tell us about the relationships within our data.


security, acl, access control

Speaking experience

After a bombshell stint on the public speaking circuit of my high school, I have continued to speak to various open-source oriented audiences including ApacheCon and the Sakai Conference. When I think I have a neat idea, I like to present to coworkers and meetups to see how crazy it is. I regularly lead sessions on technology, process, and architecture to anyone willing to listen.


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