Faults in Linux

Short Form


In 2001, Chou et al. published a study of common faults in Linux versions 1.0 through 2.4.1. They used a static analyzer to get the results. In 2014, Palix et al. extended this work to cover the 2.6.x versions of the Linux Kernel [1]. They found that the number of common faults decreased from the previous study results, implying better code quality in 2.6.x, but was still very high.

This talk will report on my work on applying the same analysis to the Linux 3.x versions. The studied period in particular includes the zero-day build testing service in 2012.

[1] http://arxiv.org/pdf/1407.4346v1.pdf


This presentation will help existing and new kernel developers, to avoid such bugs in Linux Kernel. The presentation will also help the users of the Linux kernel, as with reduced bugs the users will have a Linux Kernel with better code quality.

Speaking experience

Invited as a speaker at major conferences like DjangoCon Europe'15 (Fully funded), PyCon UK'15, Open Source and Feelings15 (Partially Funded), Linux Con Europe'15 (Fully Funded), SciPy Europe'15, Latinity'15, PyOhio'15, FOSSCON'15.

I also organize workshops to help more women get into open sources in India. I have spoken at FOSSMEET'16 at NIT Calicut (Premier institute in India). I'll be also speaking at a workshop organized by IEEE Delhi Section.


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