Why you ought to have 100% test coverage

Short Form


Many people say that achieving and maintaining 100% test coverage is too hard, too time consuming, or too fragile. But I'll argue that whether you consider yourself a craftsman or an engineer, you shouldn't accept anything less.


Do you like quality? I thought you did. Writing good software is hard. Really hard. We can use all the help we can get. Fortunately, there’s a large array of tools at our disposal to help us write better software, but they can only help you if you listen to what they have to say. Noisy builds beget complacency and hide bugs. Ironically, being a build perfectionist will lighten your mind and actually make it easier, not harder, for you to get your job done.


testing, static_analysis, quality, tools

Speaking experience

I have spoken at OSCON, Open Source Bridge, Lambda Jam, CUFP, YAPC, several user groups, and given internal tech talks on a variety of topics such as "How to Serve a Billion Requests a Day with Perl", "Beautiful Concurrency with Erlang", “Enabling Microservice Architectures with Scala”, SBT, Continuous Deployment strategies, and more. Where available, slides and videos are linked from http://kevin.scaldeferri.com/dist/


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