Metaprogramming in Metarepositories

Short Form


OSBridge is one of the best conferences I know to hobnob with talent in DevOps, Systems, and Infrastructure. This is an advanced talk on development environments for distributed systems programming. Let's get down with git, and automate all the things.


Metarepositories are common in systems and infrastructure as a way to aggregate source code. Programming in a metarepository can provide instant feedback on source dependencies, and structure code to reflect actual infrastructure. We’ll discuss submodules vs. subtrees, and work on a pattern with common libraries and a CLI at the root. I’ll show the development environment I work in as a DevOps consultant for an innovation agency with a specialized practice in building for exploratory testing and infrastructure development. The pipeline is high security and high performance, with applications for healthcare, government, and utilities.


devops, infrastructure, systems, CLI, security

Speaking experience

I've spoken twice at OSBridge on software engineering for electronic democracy and civic engagement. I've done talks at LIST (Ladies of Seattle Tech) and the Ada Developers Academy on automation and deployment.


  • Ele Mooney



    Ele Mooney (alias Munjeli) has a computer science degree from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. While there, she did undergraduate research supervised by Doug Schuler in Software Engineering for Online Deliberation, a field of applications which aspire to provide tooling for Electronic Democracy efforts. She is a member of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, specifically working to map offline practices to online communities. She was a speaker for NARPA 2014 on the topic of online activism for mental health advocates, and a presenter at OS Bridge 2013. Currently she works as a DevOps engineer automating all the things in a scalable, high availability infrastructure for Socrata, the world leader in cloud solutions for open data and data driven governments.

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