Devopracy: Infrastructure Code for Virtual Democracies

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Devopracy is an open source project to build a disposable, portable cloud for civic engagement events and virtual democracies. We'll examine these use cases with consideration for security, maintainability, and code quality. There's a companion workshop on how to deploy the cloud and deploy an application onto it.


All of the repositories of our organization are pieces of a single project. We aspire to build a disposable, portable cloud with open-source code that can pass an audit for security using the FedRAMP standard. We do not work for any government. The event cloud can be used by organizations who have similar security aspirations without similar budget to the US Federal Government. Indeed the very standard Uncle Sam endorses internally is a very nice model for any government, especially one that exists solely on the cloud.

This is a thought experiment, carried out in code. What would it take to create a cloud for a constitutional convention or a primary election? We have witnessed in passing years the machinations of physical nations suppressing their citizens by creeping surveillance and blacklisted IPs. Our response is a better cloud: a cloud secure enough to host a sovereign state. Come and learn about the use case for a civic event cloud, and the pressing need of emerging democracies for secure, affordable cloud code.


democracy, devops, politics, Activism, infrastructure

Speaking experience

I've spoken twice at OSBridge on topics of electronic democracy theory, and now have my own project devoted to cloud architecture for online activism.


  • Ele Mooney



    Ele Mooney (alias Munjeli) has a computer science degree from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. While there, she did undergraduate research supervised by Doug Schuler in Software Engineering for Online Deliberation, a field of applications which aspire to provide tooling for Electronic Democracy efforts. She is a member of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, specifically working to map offline practices to online communities. She was a speaker for NARPA 2014 on the topic of online activism for mental health advocates, and a presenter at OS Bridge 2013. Currently she works as a DevOps engineer automating all the things in a scalable, high availability infrastructure for Socrata, the world leader in cloud solutions for open data and data driven governments.

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