From the mouth of a child: A young hacker’s perspective on Open Source culture

Short Form


I've been around Open Source my entire life. As a young FOSS dev, I've grown up looking at the community from the perspective that this is "my people". This talk looks at some of what I can definitively say are victories, a retrospective of two decades of lessons learned, and finally some challenges our community faces.


For over 20 years, the Open Source landscape has defined how the world runs: Without opensource, we would have a very different landscape for personal computing, software including hardware. Being an “Open Source native,” I’ve been around opensource software for the entire time I’ve been touching computers.

I’ll take look at the definite victories that we’ve had in the open source world; we’ve done some amazing things: Android is in the hands of millions of people, Linux runs everything from industrial automation to toasters and refrigerators.

It’s not all back-patting though: I’ll explore some of the challenges we face today both technical and non-technical, finished off with what I feel are some serious cultural problems internal to projects that need to be addressed before more developers will get involved in open source and so that those who are still here don’t leave.

The major purpose of this talk is to broach what I see as a taboo set of topics so that they can be talked about openly. These topics aren’t by any stretch of the imagination light, but they’re ones that affects the entire community.


culture, problems, mental health, project management

Speaking experience

I've spoken at DEF CON's Wall of Sheep ( ) and a variety of small venues before on a variety of topics including cross-platform development with open source, Git, and even typography.