Transform Your Organization Like a Jedi, You Should

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Take home some practical Jedi mind-tricks and use them with ease to make your organization more awesome.


What Would Yoda Do? DevOps transformation is about people. not tools. In order to transform your organization, you will have to know people and how they work. Luckily for us, people are pretty predictable and easily influenced… if you know how. Using my many years of social engineering and social psychology, I’ll share with you tricks of the social engineering trade that will allow you to successfully transform your organization and the people within. We’ll cover influence, non-verbals / body language, reciprocation, consistency, and much, much more! Join me for some practical Jedi mind-tricks you can employ with ease!


devops, Transformation. social psychology

Speaking experience

Habitat Workshop - ContainerizeThis! 2016, Dallas, TX, USA
The Looming Complexity Crisis - DevOpsDays Cape Town 2016, South Africa
Habitat Workshop - DevOpsDays Cape Town 2016, South Africa (
The Role-Cookbook Pattern - DevOpsDays Berlin 2016, Germany
Habitat Workshop - DevOpsDays Berlin 2016, Germany

Plus many small, local meetups.


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    Eric Maxwell is a Solutions Engineer at Chef Software and is focused on making companies more awesome by helping them “do the DevOps” and enabling them to ship at velocity. Eric has helped dozens of the world’s top companies adopt Chef tools and DevOps methodologies while assisting with their DevOps transformation. Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Eric runs the Chef PDX meetup and is active on the speaker circuit spreading the love of DevOps. In past lives, Eric was a back-end C# engineer, a big-data engineer, and a professional social engineer.