The Emerging Interoperable Social Web — Standardizing the Social Web II

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 from 4:45 – 5:30pm


In this sequel to last year's talk, Aaron Parecki will cover the current state of interoperable implementations of the well-established W3C standards you heard about last year. Many of these standards have grown this year both in number of implementations and their live usage on the web. In addition, Aaron will cover this year's emerging standards that have a few implementations and could use additional experimentation and feedback.


The W3C Social Web Working Group has continued to formalize standards to enable social interactions across the open web. In this talk, you’ll get an overview of the various specifications the group has published, as well as emerging community extensions, to help you learn how you can begin using them on your websites today.

Webmention is a simple protocol to notify a URL when you link to it. It is primarily used for cross-site commenting, likes, RSVPs, and more.

Micropub enables using third-party apps to post content to your own website. Web and native apps can use Micropub to post short notes, photos, reviews, events, or other posts to your site that supports Micropub.

WebSub, formerly known as PubSubHubbub, enables realtime delivery of content from feeds. This is the basis of “following” people on the web.

These specs also have validators and testing tools that can help you develop against them. We’ll look at some of the tools available, and walk through building a simple web page that can respond as a comment to the Webmention validator,

The emerging standards covered include Activity Streams 2.0, ActivityPub, Linked Data Notifications, as well as the Webmention extensions Vouch and Salmention, Micropub extensions, and Microformats 2 vocabularies for events, reviews, and recipes.


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