Never Accept the First Offer

Short Form


We’ve all been at the negotiation table, whether we choose to participate or not. It’s easy to avoid this short lived discomfort, but doing so can cost the average person around $500,000 in lost income over the course of their lifetime. Making the decision to negotiate is the first step - this talk will help with the rest.


In this talk, I will discuss the circumstances that have lead to the pervasive underpaying of minority groups, the ways that companies can improve the situation, and how we, as job seekers, can take the reins and better advocate for our own value.

Having just stepped away from the negotiation table where I was able to attain a 50% increase in pay, I’d like to share with you my triumph, the tools I used to get there and how you can use the same tools and knowledge to be a confident negotiator during interviews and workplace reviews. And finally, I’ll discuss some cheeky psychological tricks to help boost your confidence and success.

Speaking experience

I have spoken at 10 conferences in the last two years. Further information, including links to video, is available at


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    Tibbs recently graduated from the University of West of Scotland with a degree in computer security. She has relocated to Portland, OR, where she evangelizes for privacy and security while contracting as an open source Security Evaluation Engineer at Intel. She is passionate about encouraging small children to take the plunge into STEM and about laughing at cats on the internet.