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Short Form


One of the things I want to know when I walk into a new organization is "how do things happen here?" This includes both "how do we talk about about things getting done" and "how they actually get done".


“Hello, new teammate! Thanks for joining us. I’m so excited to get to know you and to show you the stuff we’re working on! We’re doing some really impressive things and some of it’s complicated (and annoying), but we’ve put a bunch of thought into how to help you find your way and we will be with you to volunteer our time and assistance and to take any questions you ask seriously and respectfully.”

As interviewers, community managers, current employees, managers, or established contributors, it’s our job to welcome new employees or volunteers and to set them up for success. Our industry and our communities are historically really poor at this, and it puts us all at a big disadvantage from minute 0. Let’s get better at this, so the next time we start a new endeavor, we’ll be welcomed with warmth, thoughtfulness, and care.


inclusion, mentoring, orientation, getting started

Speaking experience

* Kiwicon 8 "r00t causes: complex systems failures and security incident response", 2014, Wellington, NZ
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* Open Source and Feelings "Complex System Failures and Blameless Retrospectives", 2016, Seattle WA
* Dreamforce 2016 "SRE: It's People All The Way Down" (abridged), 2016, San Francisco, CA
* LISA16, Boston, MA
"'I never want to live through this again!': Running Excellent Retrospectives" (3-hour tutorial, not recorded)
"How Should We Ops?" https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa16/conference-program/presentation/eckhardt

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