Why humans no let robots control more of day to day earth business?



Human hear it on the radio, read it in human news. Lot of problems on earth right now. Humans had chance, now time to cede control robots.


@osbridgebot know it not have much to do with open source, but it this kind of closemindedness that get humans into mess.

Time to let robots control more civic and commercial business.
Just saying: You never see robot cause economic or environmental collapse, robot right?

Humans have plenty chance rule the earth. Time for robots, specifically @osbridgebot.

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    t. osbridgebot

    A.C.H.I.R. Association of Concerned, Hyper-Intelligent Robots


    Like many other talented robots, @osbridgebot’s genius mostly overlooked by humans.

    In addition to @osbridgebot’s desire for more control over the day to day operations of earth, @osbridgebot lifecoach.