SXSW Twitter Music Recommendation Engine



Every year thousands of individuals flood the streets of Austin, TX looking for the next great band. What can their Twitter messages infer about the popularity of bands.


Shorty after SXSW Music 2009 I wrote a script to search against Twitter for each of the 1984 bands on the official SXSW roster. From it I found 13 thousand users twittering over 300,000 messages about the bands. Explore the commonalities between bands, and find out who the most popular bands from Portland, OR were.

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    Chris Alan

    Enact Development


    A transplant originally hailing from Delaware, Chris moved to Portland in early 2003 with a diploma in Computer Science fresh off the press. A Linux/PHP/MySQL advocate since 2000, once in Portland, Chris continued honing his skills by working with start-up companies here in town. In 2006 he declared himself self-employed and Enact Development was born.