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It all started when this one guy developed a "Fan Page" for Coca-Cola on Facebook...


It all started when this one guy developed a “Fan Page” for Coca-Cola on Facebook…

Well, maybe it didn’t START then… but it sure got a lot of peoples’ attention. A growing number of organizations ranging in size from small business, government agencies, and major corporations are looking to open source and even the general community for contributions. How is this changing our relationship with these entities and how are our ideas being used… or not?

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  • Jen Floyd

    Deschutes County


    Jen’s a native Oregonian and is happy to call Central Oregon “home” since 2003. She pays the bills as a website developer but cooking and raising her three kids are her real passions. Jen is a trivia and pop culture addict who also enjoys “word nerd” games like Scrabble and Balderdash.