Test Overdriven Development with OMAPS



Are you tired of writing code? Wish you could get your computer to write it for you? Are you confused by complicated concepts like generative programming and genetic algorithms? Well the answer to your dreams is here. We've taken the principles of Genetic Algorithms, removed the complicated logic, and created the automated code generation system of your dreams*!

*Assuming you snort mescaline right before bedtime. Which you shouldn't.


Test Overdriven Development with OMAPS

(aka Test ONLY Development)

Proponents of Test Driven Development are wont to say things like “Once you’ve got your tests written you’re half way there.” Which may well be true. But as someone once observed, the first half of a project takes 80% of the time, and the second half takes the remaining 80%.

There ought to be a better way.

Matt and Markus pondered this question and asked themselves (technically, each other) “If test driven development is so good, why stop halfway?”

In this session we present OMAPS, a system for pushing the limits of test driven development far beyond the dreams of even it’s most starry eyed proselytes, using a mixture of generative grammar theory, genetic algorithms, blind faith, smoke, mirrors, luck, and trans-fat-free snack foods to get to the point where we can say:

“Once you’ve got your tests written you’re done."*

* YMMV. Some limitations may apply. Offer not valid in all areas. See session for full details of terms and conditions. Not available in stores. Settling of contents may have occurred.

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