Sensing Real Life in a Virtual World



An open hardware and software environment for the exchange of automatically sensed data between the real and virtual world.


Accessibility to the data we generate through our actions and everyday behaviors opens exciting opportunities to bridge real life with the virtual world. Social networks have connected us in amazing new ways beyond our laptops, but are often limited for many people by their available time and efforts to share information.

An open environment or platform for sensing data automatically, without effort in the real world, offers the potential to more easily connect us within the virtual world. In areas of energy consumption, presence, and geo-awareness, having ubiquitous access to a stream of real-time data from open sensors, could fuel an eco-system of new mash-ups and applications that help us live more, consume less, and stay connected.

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    Brian has worked in both engineering and management roles at Pixelworks and Lantronix, and consulted with other emerging start-ups. He holds an MBA from Portland State University and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.