Consistent State, an Open Source Business Model case study



Consistent State, Inc has embraced an Open Source Business Model, this talk will present both an overview of the Consistent State Business Model as well as a hands-on preview of their flagship toolkit.


This talk will cover an overview of a young Open Source based company, Consistent State, inc. The talk will cover the following:

- Consistent State Intro, an Open Source Company

- The Consistent State Business Model (putting Open Source into practice)

- The Consistent State Toolkit, a PostgreSQL monitoring and management tool unlike anything available in the marketplace today (inclusive of both OSS and Commercial software).

- Consistent State Toolkit Lab

- Consistent State Toolkit Future direction and how the OSS community will influence it

Speaking experience


  • Biography

    Kevin has been in the I.T. field for more than 18 years, and working with databases since 1991. Kevin has filled a variety of roles over the years including database developer back in the UNIX/C glory, Data Warehouse Architect and DBA in the Kimbal/Inmon peak and more recently PostgreSQL DBA and training roles.

    Kevin is the founder of a young venture ‘Consistent State’ (, dedicated to providing a new breed of PostgreSQL Professional Services to the marketplace.

    Kevin has started DIAPUG (The Denver, Colorado PostgreSQL Users Group) and is active in the local Open Source Communities.