Grails for Switchers



Come on. You know you want to.


If you’ve been interested in trying Grails but haven’t had the chance yet, this hands-on session is for you.

In this session you’ll learn how to build a Grails application from the ground up, and we’ll also explore the world of custom tags and the vast ecosystem of plugins that are available for Grails.

Even if you currently use another language or framework, there are a huge number of very compelling reasons to give Groovy and Grails a shot. Come see what all the buzz is about!

Speaking experience


  • 2011 08 25 133249

    Matt Woodward

    US Senate


    Matt Woodward is Principal IT Specialist at the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, United States Senate. He develops web applications using Python and Django, does a fair amount of Linux systems administration, and is an occasional Scrum/Kanban master. In his spare time Matt works on his 1958 wooden sailboat, and volunteers tech, voice, and audio editing services at KPTZ in lovely Port Townsend, Washington.