Mapping with Drupal



Learn the ins and outs of online mapping solutions with the open source Drupal framework.


Drupal is fast becoming the open source framework of choice for building everything from brochureware sites as prominent as to complex applications like OpenAtrium. Among the keys to its success are its ability to create structured content types with custom fields and a powerful query engine to return data from those fields in varying formats. This lays the groundwork for a variety of mapping solutions, from simply displaying points on a map to rendering a geographic region via SVG.

This presentation will roughly be divided between the backend mechanisms for storing and querying data, and the frontend, or display, options for rendering and interacting with the data. Both areas will cover the state of the art community modules, configuration options, and how to approach custom development for more complex applications.

We’ll also discuss how the various open source mapping libraries, like OpenLayers and Mapstraction, are being integrated into Drupal.

Speaking experience