Debt-Free: Technical Debt In Open Source Projects



Ship or fix? This choice presents itself to open source projects every day, and the consequences can be considerable. Learn how to control this "technical debt" in open source projects.


Open source projects often face a choice: does the project get done correctly or quickly? These kind of choices lead to the accrual of “technical debt” – the time and effort required to refactor code that wasn’t done right the first time. Learn how to avoid technical debt with real life examples and strategies that promote time management, project management, and good coding practices.

Speaking experience


  • Brandon

    Brandon Savage

    Message Systems


    Brandon wasn’t always planning to be a software developer: his background is political science. But after learning how to write a bit of code and solving problems with it, he was hooked. Brandon moved into professional development several years ago and has never looked back. Working with important projects including work for Greenpeace, the National Building Museum and The Pickens Plan, Brandon has experience working with applications large and small, and has a unique blend of experiences that bring wholeness to the development process.

    Brandon lives in Washington, DC and works for Message Systems as their Web Site Developer.