Please Pirate: Intellectual Unproperty



Information is *already* free! Renounce your rights!

Please Pirate is an alternative to copyright.


Please Pirate is an alternative to copyright and other forms of IP.

The complexity of IP law limits effective copyright to those able to afford an expert legal team (think: RIAA). The resulting legal uncertainty is an impediment to innovation, communication and the creation of new work. When releasing work under Please Pirate, an author encourages the audience to share, distribute, remix, etc.. This gains the broadest possible reach and frees the audience from legal risks of copyright violation.

This talk will discuss the legal, economic and cultural costs of copyright, explain Please Pirate, and compare it to other open licenses (esp. Creative Commons/BSD and the public domain). I’ll also cover how Please Pirate operate in practice: ethics in the absence of law, bridging the material and digital worlds and why you should release your content under Please Pirate.

Screencasts of earlier lightning talks on Please Pirate can be pirated at the blog ; a manifesto is forthcoming Real Soon Now.

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