Internationalization with Symfony



Websites from the other side of the world away are viewable instantly, yet most websites are written in a language only their developers understand. Learn about the internationalization features available with Symfony and discover how easy i18n can be.


The Symfony Framework built on PHP has a very strong i18n data model, greatly easing the amount of work to create a multilingual website. This session will utilize an existing sample website and cover how to set up database tables, controllers and configuration files for i18n. A very basic CMS will also be included for editing the data. All code will be provided for users to download and explore on their own.

Familiarity with the Symfony Framework is recommended but not required for this session. The i18n data model Symfony uses could be applied to other frameworks, and the first five minutes of the session will showcase how to get the sample code running on a Symfony enabled development machine.

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    Chris Alan

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    A transplant originally hailing from Delaware, Chris moved to Portland in early 2003 with a diploma in Computer Science fresh off the press. A Linux/PHP/MySQL advocate since 2000, once in Portland, Chris continued honing his skills by working with start-up companies here in town. In 2006 he declared himself self-employed and Enact Development was born.