Harnessing Java with Scala



We provide you an introduction to the Scala programming language through its powerful capabilities to integrating with Java. We will demonstrate how Scala can be an effective means of exploring Java libraries such as JAXB, HttpClient and Hibernate. We will show why Scala is our preferred harness, with capabilities beyond Java, Beanshell or Groovy.


Scala is fast becoming the “next Java” in the eyes of many leaders in the Java world. Besides it’s powerful integration of the object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, it has strong capabilities for integrating with existing Java code. One very effective mechanism for bringing Scala into your environment is to use it for exploring the capabilities of Java libraries. Every experienced Java developer understands the pain of setting up the scaffolding needed to try out a new library (not to mention the well known “dependency hell” that comes along for the ride). With Scala and the tools available with it, you can reduce this pain by orders of magnitude. This talk will briefly introduce Scala and Simple Build Tool and then move on to show you how to quickly get started integrating Java libraries and exploring them in code. Through these examples, you will also learn how make use of Scala alongside your existing code.

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    Thomas Lockney

    PDXScala, DorkbotPDX


    Instigator and engineer, inspired by things artistic and unusual, Thomas has over a decade of experience working with Java and wrestling code in various forms. He started PDXScala, the Portland Scala users group, after realizing that Scala was the way forward. He can usually be found staring at a glowing screen somewhere in Portland, Oregon or drinking beers with fellow hackers and artists at DorkbotPDX.