Oregon Virtual School District: Free Tools for Oregon Teachers



See how the State of Oregon is using open source tools to help K-12 teachers in Oregon.


Learning can’t be bound by borders like the walls of a classroom or the boundaries of a school district. The Oregon Virtual School District is an online library of tools for teachers. It allows teachers and students to extend their capabilities beyond what was imaginable just a few years ago.

Begun in 2006 as a partnership between the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon State University, the Oregon Virtual School District now supports in excess of 250 schools and 17,000 students and teachers throughout Oregon. The ORVSD uses a variety of open source tools to fulfill its mission of increasing the adoption of technology in Oregon’s classrooms. This session will cover the “how” and “why” of the technology that runs the Oregon Virtual School District.

Speaking experience


  • Gchaix 320

    Greg Lund-Chaix



    Greg has nearly two decades of experience as a developer, system administrator, and technical manager. Currently Greg is part of the team at Squishymedia, designing and building elegant information systems to government, nonprofit, and health care organizations. Prior to joining Squishymedia, Greg was part of the leadership team at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab providing infrastructure and support to many of the world’s leading open source projects.