How to build a simple website in Drupal in an hour -ish



Drupal has a steep learning curve for non-developers. Learn how to get started and build a simple website in an hour (or as long as you allow).


You can do anything with Drupal… which can make it more than a little intimidating. The UI isn’t intuitive. It’s hard to find how to change things, and harder yet to figure out what to do first, and how to proceed.

I’ll give you an accelerated tour of how to build a simple website quickly — the Drupal way.

We’ll start from the beginning — downloading and installing the software, and step by step, we’ll create a website that has various roles and permissions for its admins, editors, contributors, and members.

We’ll set up blogs and static information. We’ll explore menus and various ways to set up navigation. We’ll talk about ways to add and process images. And finally, we’ll be creating custom content types, and displaying them using Views.

We’ll assume no prior knowledge of Drupal. We won’t go into any detail about theming or installing modules or troubleshooting — the aim is to get you ready to build a simple website using both static and dynamic data.

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    I am a Web Services Librarian at a local library system working with Drupal, social media, SEO, and online marketing. I write, take photos, do user-testing, and I used to do a moldy old Portland site.

    I am all about the online presence, about empowering users, and about everybody having a good time. And I like Portland. A lot.