Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Open Source Options



Have you heard the 'SOA' buzz but not dived into it? SOA - service oriented architecture, has many different uses in software and IT. Discussion of SOA, composite vs multi-channel applications, enterprise service bus technology, messaging and web services.


SOA is not just for big corporations or B2B. Do you want to take application design in a new direction for re-usability and flexibility? Want to avoid monolithic silo apps and create a technology infrastructure that models the company’s business processes? Tools are coming available for this in the open source world. This talk should set off some light bulbs and hopefully overflow the mind with new possibilities.

Speaking experience


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    Laurence Gellert is a software architect with ten years experience building, designing, and maintaining innovative technology products for the University of Oregon and Avant Assessment. Writes code when the boss is not looking. Currently playing with functional languages in free time. Also a home brewer, classical guitarist, and native Oregonian.