Running an Open Source Project in a Closed Source Community



How do you go about building an open source project in a community known for waiting on the Mothership to bless them with new code?


Open Source and Microsoft are not words you typically find next to each other. How do you build an open source project in a community where the majority of developers only care about code that comes straight from Redmond? We’ll talk about some successful projects, some promising up-and-comers, the Mono effect and ways Microsoft itself is helping the .NET open source community mature.

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    John Sheehan



    John Sheehan is the creator of RestSharp, a popular open source .NET REST client library. By day, John is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio, a cloud communications provider that offers a simple RESTful API for sending and receiving phone calls and SMS text messages from your applications. John has been developing for the web with Microsoft technologies since 1996 and currently resides in Broomfield, CO.