Cloud Hosts - Look Behind the Scenes



In the last few years, cloud computing has become a major trend in IT industry. By using cloud hosting services like MediaTemple or Mosso, shared hosting almost became obsolete. This session takes a closer look on the concept and technology of grid (cloud) hosting providers and shows what to learn for your own hosting strategy.


Cloud has grown to a very important part of IT infrastructure – but while many large enterprises are reducing their IT costs by moving to the new world, the cloud is much to cloudy for small and midsized companies. For them, the cloud stands for everything and nothing in particular – and there are only a few use cases where the cloud shows it’s advantages clearly. Grid hosting is one of them: Services like MediaTemple or Rackspace Mosso are great for sites where you don’t know how many users will be on it. The scaling technology of grid hosting providers is not magic – it’s built on the open source stack. This session gives an in-depth view on the system architecture of selected cloud providers and what to learn for your own hosting strategy.

Speaking experience


  • Markus franz

    Markus Franz

    Sucomo OHG


    Since year 2008, Franz has been serving as General Partner with Sucomo. His company is a leading multi-service provider in open technologies, digital publishing and cloud computing. He has been a long-time contributor to open source projects and is a very passionate programmer. Prior, he was Co-Founder with Blogform, the leader in rich media publishing. He did a lot research work in information retrieval and was a pioneer in meta search engine development.