PHP on Windows Azure



Only a few months ago, PHP developers faced a dramatical change in the cloud computing industry: By opening Windows Azure for PHP applications, Microsoft transformed their proprietary platform to a great place for open source hosting. This session gives an introduction on using PHP on Azure.


Everybody is talking about the cloud these days. In 2008 at PDC, Microsoft launched something called Windows Azure – their core cloud computing platform – in order to compete with Amazon Elasic Cloud and other providers. Truly, the concept of Windows Azure wasn’t bad – but it was completely proprietary and limited to .NET technologies. In September 2010, Microsoft dramatically changed it’s cloud strategy: By unveiling the Microsoft Windows Azure for PHP, the guys from Redmond opened their platform for the most important web application language and open source community overall.

The components of are Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP, Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP, Windows Azure SDK for PHP and others. Using the core Azure API in PHP, developers are able to access core Azure services like blobs and concurrent tables right in their PHP applications. This session gives an introduction on how to use PHP on Azure, how to deal with the tools listed above and where problems still exist. The tutorial contains some case studies and code examples from the real world.

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  • Markus franz

    Markus Franz

    Sucomo OHG


    Since year 2008, Franz has been serving as General Partner with Sucomo. His company is a leading multi-service provider in open technologies, digital publishing and cloud computing. He has been a long-time contributor to open source projects and is a very passionate programmer. Prior, he was Co-Founder with Blogform, the leader in rich media publishing. He did a lot research work in information retrieval and was a pioneer in meta search engine development.