The Culture of Open Source Beyond Technology



Community building is tough--whether it's in real-life or online. Applying the principles of open source to your community building efforts can accelerate your success. This session will focus on the successes and failures of community building on and highlight the culture of exploring open source beyond technology.


Many people are familiar with open source communities and the open source development model. The success of open source is based on the principles of sharing, collaboration, transparency, meritocracy, rapid prototyping, and others. This session uses the community to explore the ways the website went from an idea to a growing community. The different elements needed to achieve this include a content management system, compelling content, and community participation. The components of Drupal being used on the site will be highlighted, but the main focus is around the successes and failures in community building, fostering participation via social media and traditional methods, and the culture of exploring open source beyond technology.

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    Jason Hibbets

    Red Hat


    Jason Hibbets is a project manager in Brand Communications + Design, at Red Hat, where he leads a team of writers who are the voices of the Red Hat brand. He also is the lead administrator for and has been with Red Hat since 2003. Prior roles include ISV senior marketing specialist, support project manager, Red Hat Knowledgebase maintainer, and Global Support Services technical engineer. You can follow him on Twitter: @jhibbets