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Much of the difficulty for open source developers who try to work on civic or government apps is getting past the RFP process and convincing analysts and procurement officers that their projects have long term value and support. We hope to supply details on how to find and respond to the RFP process as well hints on how to work outside the process.


Working for and with various government agencies has given the partners at GovHub some insight on how the process works and ways we can work inside of it, but ways it can be improved as well. This presentation will go over how open source projects can and should respond to more RFPs as well as help to change the internal process for local governments to help include community and open source development.

Working with GovHubs built in search and template system for RFPs as well as the numerous other Gov 2.0 sites available we would like to see the non-profit and government software space transformed into open source and open data platforms for improving public awareness, budget savings and improving small business access to public data.

The primary goals for this session would be:

*Create awareness around the current holes in the RFP process for open source software and how to fix them.
*Suggest ways to create value for smaller open source projects and help find funding sources
*Discuss intergovernmental collaboration on software and how internal and external developers can contribute.

Speaking experience


  • Greg Lind



    I’m primarily a web based software developer and architect, currently employed by Mercy Corps in Portland, Oregon. I have a diversity of interests and mini-careers, some more active then others as a musician, student and teacher, technologist, amateur scientist, political activist, and blogger. I have worked for or with the State of Oregon, Metro Regional Government, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Oregon Health Sciences University.

    I’m an Open Source software advocate and supporter and work daily to encourage the adoption of Open Government principals and Open Source software within government and non-profit agencies. My latest project, CivHub, is an open collaboration and partnership site designed to help local and state governments adopt and use more open source software through the refinement of procurement practices, and help open source developers find funding sources and sustainable business models through civic projects.