Hacking the Wet/Fleshy Processor — Meditation for Coders to access both sides of the brain.



Sherri & Faddah Yuetsu will offer basic techniques and provide suggestions (and further reading) on how meditation can be useful tool not only to center, but to make those creative leaps into the beyond in one's coding.


Sherri & Faddah Yuetsu will talk about how meditation effects the brain (“wet processor”) and provide ideas & methods for coders/hackers to practice it and make creative leaps when stuck on problems (or at least get a restful break from trying to come up with solutions). Talk will be accompanied by a fabulous slide show featuring brain diagrams and MRIs will be shown, with appropriate circles and arrows, to awe & inspire. We’ll also offer basic meditation instruction and a brief meditation practice, with time for participants to discuss their experience.

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  • Smilingsherri

    Sherri Koehler

    Samatha Yoga


    In December 2013 Sherri made the rather abrupt decision to leave tech and pursue her dream of teaching yoga. She’s well acquainted with all the physical bad habits associated with working at a computer for hours on end, having had all of them herself during her 17-year career in tech.

    Sherri has a passion for teaching Classical Hatha, Restorative, and Gentle Flow Yoga styles, as well as Pranayama and Meditation. She is ardent about attention to the breath and use of props to support an accessible practice. She believes it possible for everyone to experience joy & ease in practice, even while staying at the edge of intensity in asana. Sherri is dedicated to fostering compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, and empathetic joy on and off the mat.


      • Title: Kick Asana
      • Track: Culture
      • Room: B202/03
      • Time: 4:455:30pm
      • Excerpt:

        “Yoga for Geeks”, sometimes known as “Yoga for Long-Haul Travelers”, returns to Open Source Bridge! Come with your stiff shoulders, sore wrists, tight hips and aching back. Leave with ideas on how to incorporate 5 minutes of practice into your busy day to care for your body and mind.

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