Booze and Tech



A lighthearted look at how technology can help you get your drink on, and why this actually matters


Over the past couple years, a plethora of tools have popped up which use technology to aid you in your drinking. These include location-based social apps, review sites, happy hour finders, beer and wine tracking sites, tasting tools, trading groups, homebrewing tools, forums, blogs, and more. I will survey this boggling array and help point you to the most useful tools out there. The talk will conclude with some discussion of why all this really is a good thing for society.

There may be beer.

Speaking experience


  • Bw head

    Kevin Scaldeferri

    New Relic


    Kevin Scaldeferri is a software developer specializing in scalable, high-performance server applications. He spent several years at Yahoo building ad serving systems, and at Gilt Groupe, maintaining the core e-commerce and order processing components, as well as development tools, infrastructure, and architecture. He currently works on distributed data storage and query engines at New Relic.

    He has spoken at OSCON, Open Source Bridge, Lambda Jam, CUFP, YAPC, several user groups, and given internal tech talks on a variety of topics such as “How to Serve a Billion Requests a Day with Perl”, “Beautiful Concurrency with Erlang”, SBT, Continuous Deployment strategies, and more.