Blocker Confessional & Bugbash



What are the three highest priorities for your FLOSS project, what's blocking you, and can we help? A guided discussion, and a hackfest.


You will emerge from Open Source Bridge with more can-do spirit and how-to knowledge. But what problem will you attack first? Are you forgetting dependencies, confusing the important with the urgent, or avoiding working on a critical problem?

Come to Blocker Talk to discover your priorities and impediments. Seasoned project manager Sumana Harihareswara will lead each project leader or representative through:

  • a quick, structured status assessment
  • a Five Whys session to find the root causes of your project’s obstacles
  • open group discussion to share tips and resources for fixing those causes

You might discover that one easy-to-fix issue is holding you back. Or that a known bug is more important than you’d thought, and you need to change your roadmap. Or that there’s a FLOSS tool that makes your worldchanging idea trivial to implement. You and your peers will then settle in for 70 minutes of concentrated work time: hacking, writing documentation, installing infrastructure, or whatever your new top priority is.

Don’t leave it to chance; come to Blocker Talk and you’ll leave with your obstacles named, your priorities clear, your tools in hand, and new momentum.

Session limited to four projects.

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