What to Count On: Help your Projects with Simple Metrics



You're working on a great project, but how do you know if you're on track compared to your goals? Your bosses (your customers, your user community) are asking for status every day and you don't know what tell them - or nothing you tell them seems to satisfy. Knowing what to count and how to communicate it can help you and your team track progress, identify problems, and communicate to those around you.


In this talk I’ll show you how counting the right things can increase your confidence, improve communication and reduce noise. I’ll give examples from real-world projects that show different ways to communicate progress and problems through simple metrics. We’ll talk about bug counts, lines of code, test cases, discovery rates, story points, and a whole lot more. We’ll also cover the simple charts that tell your project’s story. I’ll throw in some anti-patterns: when counting the wrong thing can lead to problems. My goal is to give you ideas about new ways to look at your project and find the work that is tangible, trackable and shows your real progress. And, hopefully, make your project more fun and more successful.

Speaking experience


  • Nadya zeppelin


    Nadya has spent most of her career in software development, with a brief detour building semiconductor fabs. She’s written code for everything from real-time operating systems to factory automation to eCommerce. For the last ten years she’s managed development teams, using mostly iterative and agile methodologies. Nadya is a licensed electrical engineer and Certified ScrumMaster. Her professional interests include team building and leadership, software engineering methods, and communication. Outside of work, you’ll find her cooking, knitting or trap-shooting. This picture was taken on a Zeppelin, which is why she looks so happy.