JVM goes to BigData



JVM goes to BigData - The Open Source Edition! Concurrency is the currency of scale on multi-core. We take an in depth look & provide hacks to workaround jvm issues in scaling for Big Data & NoSQL stacks!


Concurrency is the currency of scale on multi-core & the new generation of collections and opensource non-blocking hashmaps are well worth the time taking a deep dive into. We take a quick look at the next gen serialization techniques as well as implementation pitfalls around UUID. The achilles’ heel for JVM remains Garbage Collection: a deep dive into the internals of the memory model, common GC algorithms and their tuning knobs is always a big draw. EC2 & cloud present us with a virtualized & unchartered territory for scaling the JVM.

We will leave some room for Q&A or fill it up with any asynchronous I/O that might queue up during the talk. A round of applause will be due to the various tools that are essentials for Java performance debugging.

Speaking experience


  • Sri Satish Ambati

    DataStax, Apache Cassandra, Open JDK


    SriSatish Ambati is the chief tinkerer of Java and Enterprise stacks for the Cassandra Company, DataStax & before that for 7 years at the JVM company, Azul Systems. Over the course of a decade or so, he has actively supported, profiled and scaled hundreds of in-production and in-development Java and database stacks for performance. He uses these experiences to distil system trends and turbulences.
    Sri installed minix on his first computer! And when Linux came around there was no looking back!

    SriSatish’s talks have been well received at conferences & tech fairs including JavaOne, JBossWorld & ApacheCon. He sometimes leaves trail @srisatish.