How Open Source and Distributed Data Networks Will Power True Enterprise Cloud Computing



A frank discussion on how the world's largest businesses have identified key open source and cloud computing concepts as lynchpins to the next generation of data management.


Open Source technologies and Cloud Computing are converging in exciting ways; in essence, the cloud is powered by Open Source. However, while companies like Amazon and Rackspace have proven the value of “the Cloud,” large companies are preferring not to run critical systems in these environments. Instead – the Private Cloud or Enterprise Cloud Environment is proving a more commonplace approach to managing enterprise data systems. What’s more, new and exciting Open Source concepts like Riak and other next-generation data solutions are helping to power these exciting, flexible and modern architectures. Learn how the enterprise data network is changing, and how you can get ahead of the curve in terms of building, maintaining and innovating enterprise data networks in the age of the Cloud.

Speaking experience


  • Martin Schneider

    Basho Technologies


    Martin Schneider is VP of Marketing at Basho Technologies. Prior to jopining Basho, Martin managed various marketing teams at open source CRM provider SugarCRM. Before jumping to the vendor side of technology, Martin provided open source analysis and commentary as Senior Analyst with the 451 Group in NYC.