HTML5 and concrete5: Made for Each Other



concrete5 CMS has been making it simple to edit websites for years. Now learn how it can take the hassle out of building HTML5 websites, too.


The web’s future lies with HTML5 and CSS3, but the road is a little bumpy. Between the still-in-development spec, competing syntaxes for certain features and browser bugs and inconsistencies, the average web developer might be content to just sit this one out. But doing so would be a mistake. Your site’s should be HTML5, and the latest version of concrete5 CMS makes it simpler then ever for a web developer to build them:

During this session, you’ll

  • get a quick primer on HTML5, and why it’s good to be excited about it.
  • learn about the Modernizr JavaScript library – and why it’s absolutely necessary
  • see how concrete5 takes the pain out of enabling HTML5 features
  • activate and enable webfonts for all browsers – without tearing your hair out
  • see concrete5 interact with a full-featured HTML5-compatible WYSIWYG editor
  • see concrete5 interact with powerful CSS frameworks that take the pain out of CSS3

Speaking experience