From MongoDB to MySQL: the How and the Why



Diaspora started out on MongoDB, but after nine months of full-time development we switched to MySQL. Why? How? And what now?


Diaspora, the open source social networking platform, started out as a MongoDB project. Nine months into it, we abandoned Mongo and converted our codebase to MySQL.

Why did we go — apparently — backwards? Everyone knows social data doesn’t scale in a relational database. And Mongo is (say it with me!) web scale.

Come hear a story about true web scale, on a ridiculously public project with lots of users generating tons of data. Crisis & redemption, facts & figures, nerds & kittens — and don’t forget the secret sauce. Hecklers will be piped to /dev/null.

Speaking experience


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    Sarah Mei

    Pivotal Labs


    Sarah Mei is a software developer at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, and a committer on the Diaspora project in her ‘free’ time.