Transforming Data Visually With Talend Open Studio



Ross Turk will demonstrate how to use Talend Open Studio to create visual data flows that are easy to manage.


How many lines of Perl or Python have you written to migrate, move, or synchronize data? Building and maintaining a collection of scripts that perform one-time and ongoing transformation, synchronization, or migration tasks is tedious, and we’ve all had to do it.

During this session, Ross Turk will suggest an alternate approach. Using Talend Open Studio, an open source, node-based data integration tool, Ross will show you how to replace thousands of lines of complex and repetitive code with visual data flows that are easy to create and manage.

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    Ross Turk



    Ross Turk is the Senior Director of Communities for Talend, responsible for building a strategic relationship with users, contributors, and open source developers. Ross brings more than 15 years of experience creating software, managing complex IT systems, and helping companies understand and serve developers. Before joining Talend, Ross managed developer outreach for Alcatel-Lucent and, the net’s largest open source community.