Fighting meatware bit-rot at your desk

Short Form


Sitting with your arms and attention forward shortens and tightens your pectorals, and doing nothing with your upper back unbalances the muscles that keep the bones in your shoulders and arms aligned. This makes your shoulders easier to to injure during your frisbee golf game. So let's do something to engage your upper back. This will also give you a sense of how your back and shoulders might feel when your upper body posture is aligned...


A no-sweat exercise session to demonstrate and practice simple movements you can do at your desk to improve posture and extend your work day. Strengthen the critical tools that you need to geek out each day: your wrists, arms, shoulders and neck (the platform that your giant brain sits on). We’ll also move your legs enough to stimulate your circulation and loosen your lower back, but not to the point of perspiration (disclaimer: some people might sweat a tiny bit, but feel free to manage your own perspiration by slowing down or stopping).

Speaking experience

Geek Fitness talk at 2011 OSBridge,